Who We Are

DAILY LTD representing the latest wave of rapid progress. Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining our way of life, enabling machines to do what people once thought only humans could do. Transforming Businesses with Artificial Intelligence.
We’re entering an exciting new era in technology that is bringing transformative change to the way we live, work, and play. Decades ago, the PC era brought computers and all their capabilities to a wide audience. Then we witnessed the rise of the Internet, which brought more knowledge to people faster than ever before. Next came the rise of mobile and cloud ecosystems, which is putting the Internet in the palm of people’s hands, expanding the processing power of their devices, and scaling what they can store to formerly unimaginable levels. Now we are about to move to a new era, which we’re calling the era of intelligence.
With DAILY LTD you have the opportunity to be at the beginning of this revolutionary blockchain-based artificial intelligence technology and benefit from daily profits.


We are completely anonymous using the most advanced protection and care systems and our Wallets are hardware.


DAILY LTD is a completely legal and reliable company that is registered in England and all its steps are done legally. Company number 13540433.

Investment Plans

Choose a plan that suits your financial level and needs. (Principal Deposit is Included)

* Unlimited Deposits
** Only 2 Deposits Per Month

Up to 200% Daily for 5 Days

*21%$20 - $3000
**30%$3001 - $6000
**50%$6001 - $8000
**80%$8001 - $10000
**100%$10001 - $12000
**150%$12001 - $15000
**200%$15001 - $20000

Up to 1500% After 5 Days

**300%$6001 - $8000
**500%$8001 - $10000
**800%$10001 - $12000
**1200%$12001 - $15000
**1500%$15001 - $20000

Get Started

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First, you must register on the site. It is free to use all the features of the site.

Start Investing

Choose the plan you want and then invest the amount you want.

Achieve Financial Freedom

Collect the profit that has come to your account, withdraw it immediately or reinvest it.

Guaranteed Profit

Congratulations, you have achieved guaranteed and stable profit and passive income on our site.

Affiliate partnership opportunity

By introducing our site to others and getting them to join us and invest, you will receive a significant commission. You do not need any investment in this program, just share your link on social networks. And for each investor, you receive a commission of 3%-55%. The higher the amount of investment, the higher your commission will be. This is one of our special features.

Referral Commission
$10-$3000 3%
$3001-$6000 10%
$6001-$8000 20%
$8001-$10000 35%
$10001-$12000 45%
$12001-$15000 50%
$15001-$20000 55%